Where to stay and eat

Where to stay on Ærø


Location, location, location.

We strongly recommend staying in Ærøskøbing itself. For one thing Ærøskøbing is an amazingly beautiful and romantic little town. I have

lost count of how often couples have told us that they simply did not expect it to be so enchanting – well, it is. The joy of just walking around the cobbled streets and peeking through the windows of the old houses, or stopping at the cafes in the square or by the harbour – it is brilliant! And the other thing is simply that it makes it very simple to organise everything, especially if you have guests. Everyone can walk everywhere in the town – there is no need for a car here.
The only exception may be if you are marrying at Vesterås, 8 km from Ærøskøbing, which has its own accommodation in the farm.
There are of course some lovely places to stay elsewhere on Ærø – but think about transport, access to restaurants, and that you will probably end up spending most of your time in Ærøskøbing anyway.

How we choose our recommendations.

Ellys house on Aeroe

Ellys house

We do not take commission – we simply recommend places where we know our couples will be happy, and where we trust the management to be sympathetic to the special needs of our wedding couples. If you like the look of somewhere that we have not recommended, do check with us and we’ll give you an honest assessment; Louise and the DIW team have far and away the best network and local knowledge, and we live and work right here in the centre of town. Sometimes the places are fine, but just are not on our list – one or two we may have reservations about, which we will share honestly.


Ærøskøbing is such a special and magical little town that it seems unfair to single out one or two places for their romantic charm, but a few do stand out. Pension Vestergade 44 is an obvious example – a beautiful old town house, expertly run by Susanna, full of antiques and with beautiful gardens and a view down the street to the harbour and the islands beyond. Andelen is another which has special charm – it is the old granary, converted, and with Denmark’s smallest cinema in the basement! Arnfeldt Hotel is our third “romantic nomination”, with views to the harbour and the best restaurant on Ærø. And for self-catering, the Loft Bridal Suite, above the wedding room itself, is amazing. It is huge, with beams and sloping ceilings, amazing views across the rooftops to the church, the sea, and the whisky distillery. Ellys House is also wonderful – a tiny little modernised townhouse just around the corner from the Merchants Court. Both the Loft and Ellys are available through Danish Island Weddings.

Facilities & Convenience.

På Torvet is right on the square, 5 metres from the Merchants Court, with excellent apartment-style rooms. It has a fabulous café, and is extremely well run by Gunnar and Lily.


All of our recommendations are stylish, but The Monica gets a special mention. It is expensive, but everything is perfect and is only the best that money can buy – the interior has featured in style and lifestyle magazines.


Where to eat on Ærø

Ærøskøbing has a number of good places to eat, although some close in the winter. Most have gardens or terraces for outdoor eating.


Top of the tree is Arnfeldt – expensive, but wonderful, and perfect for a serious celebration. They have a set menu, using local products, and the presentation is excellent. Mumm is the long-time favourite for wedding parties, serving good fish and steaks in a great atmosphere. Similar in style and price, and also recommended, is Spiseriet. Next up is the AmoreMare Italian restaurant. It overlooks the sea and we recommend the first class pizzas unreservedly.


The Gamle Købmandsgaard (which means Merchants Court…) is in the same beautiful old building as our office and Wedding Room and is a favourite for light lunches, coffee and cake, and post-wedding champagne! It has a great courtyard with a whisky distillery and micro-brewery in the historic buildings. På Torvet has a wider range of very good food and has seating in the town square itself, by the church – simply a brilliant place to sit with a beer and light lunch on a sunny day. We also love Aroma – a cool upmarket burger bar near the harbour which also has fantastic homemade ice cream and liquorice. For a drink in the evening Landbogaarden is great and sometimes has music.


A couple of the restaurants do take away food (notably På Torvet and Amore Mare) but the most popular is Lenda’s Grill, right by the ferry. OK, it is for burgers and sausages, but the quality is amazing – not your typical fast food place.
Self-catering. If you plan to cater for yourselves then there is a good supermarket, Netto, by the harbour, a bakery, and also the Gamle Købmandsgaard which has speciality products.

The Last Word.

We visit all our recommended places regularly, and know the people who run them well. But we also rely on our couples passing on their views, which helps us keep our knowledge up to date. Wherever you choose, we hope you have a great experience – and tell us all about it!