Renewing Vows

Renewing your vows with Danish Island Weddings on Ærø

Ærø is a wonderful place to come and renew your vows. Maybe you got married here with us recently but for whatever reason came without friends or family, and now want a bigger celebration. Or maybe you got married somewhere else years ago, and now want to renew your vows together, either just the two of you or with lots of guests. Either way, using our unrivalled expertise in planning beautiful ceremonies, we can help you renew your vows here.

What would the ceremony consist of?

The answer is, whatever you want! But we have found that what works best is a ceremony like a wedding, but using one of our own scripts which we have developed with help from the couples themselves. We discuss with you what you have in mind, send you a proposed ceremony, and then refine it according to your wishes.

Can we include speeches, songs or readings?

Absolutely! The great thing with renewing your vows is that there are no set limits, so you can include what you like. We can suggest appropriate readings or poems, include speeches or even songs, and advise what in our experience works best. The trick is to get the right feeling of relaxed formality and a genuinely personal tone.

Can we exchange rings?

Yes you can, or other appropriate tokens if that is what seems appropriate. But you don’t have to.

Who officiates?

We have two appropriate celebrants who can officiate in English or Danish. You will be put in contact with your celebrant during the planning if you wish, to be sure that you are compatible! And you will meet your celebrant the day before the wedding to make sure everything is how you would like it.

Where does the ceremony take place?

It can take place anywhere, including the Merchants Court. But if you look at our “Inspiration” page, or better still our personal planning website ( you can get some ideas. Of course some locations will be more suitable than others depending on the size of the celebration, the time of year and the weather, and your requirements for catering and so on. We will use our experience to help you make the right choice.

Who will organize the celebration for us?

One of our team (but usually Louise herself) will look after you from start to finish. We live & work here on Ærø and will be available throughout to help and advise.

How much will it cost?

We don’t have a set price since the ceremonies vary so much. If you explain to Louise what you are thinking of she will give you an idea of the costs. But the prices are broadly comparable with the prices of our wedding packages, which will give you a general idea.

Can you organize flowers, catering, accommodation etc as well?

Yes. We will either organize or advise on any aspect of the celebration.

How do we start?

The best way to start is with an email to telling us what you would like to do. And then we’ll take it from there!