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Cake gallery

Our amazing wedding cakes are hand-made to order by Lena and Lulu in the Old Merchants Court/DGK cafe.

Flower gallery

Louise and Mira make the bouquets themselves, using local flowers whenever possible.

Hair & Makeup photos

Mira is a professional beautician and hairsylist – and was previously a finalist in Denmark’s Next Top Model. She works only for Danish Island Weddings.

Cars and Carriages

We have Svend’s Ford Model A, 2 different horse and carriages, a vintage Mercedes – and for petite funsters we also have the famous pink Trabant!


Wedding Room

Most of our weddings take place in our exclusive private Wedding Room in the Old Merchants Court, great for eloping couples or groups of up to 25.

Beach Wedding

Our beach is so beautiful, and we have our own little private beach house there too. 5 minutes from Ærøskøbing town centre

Lighthouse Wedding

Our lighthouse sits on the Northern tip of the island, with Denmark’s most amazing golf course and the sea all around. There are views across to Germany and dozens of islands. Great for elopers, and only for very small groups. We have exclusive use of the lighthouse for weddings.

In Flight Wedding

Our own Ærø Airline, Starling Air, will let you get married in the skies above the island! There’s just room for the couple, the registrar, and two witnesses (and Starling’s pilot!)


The name means “the beach wood” and it is a lovely house (originally a restaurant) right on Ærøskøbing beach. The views of course are wonderful, and there is a private terrace and a garden. This is probably our best location for bigger weddings with 30-80 guests. DIW has exclusive use of this wonderful place! (gallery coming soon)





The most beautiful island in Denmark, with Ærøskøbing, the fairytale town, its capital


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