These are the requirements. But they vary a lot from couple to couple. So we would prefer you to contact us telling us who you are, where you are from, and your circumstances. Then we can give you detailed personal advice. But in general terms you will need;

  • Our questionnaire – we’ll send you a copy of this, to help us fill out your application correctly
  • A Power of Attorney – we’ll send you this too. It just means that you say it is OK for us to organise the wedding for you.
  • Passport or EU ID.
  • Visa or residency permit (not everyone needs these).
  • Civil status certificate  – this is the trickiest bit and we will advise you what to do based on your circumstances. We are well aware that for many it is impossible to obtain such a document and will help you with the right solution.
  • Final divorce decree or death certificate – if either of you is divorced or widowed then the original certificate of divorce or death certificate.
  • You may also be required to provide extra information to show your relationship is genuine, and if you have children together, or are living together.
  • You will also need to fill out DIW Booking form to help us get everything exactly right – we’ll email one to you.
  • …and we will need the €250 deposit so we can file your documentation with the central authority and book you wedding.

As soon as we have received your documents (ideally via Dropbox secure link) we will:

  • check them thoroughly. We have planned over 2700 weddings since 2008 so have more experience than anyone with international wedding paperwork.
  • have them approved by the central authorities so you can be certain everything is in order.
  • when (and only when) we are sure everything is in order,
    • confirm your preferred wedding date in writing,
    • advise you on whether apostille or legalisation of your marriage certificate is advisable.
  • remind you to bring your passport, ID and visa with you when you come.

After the ceremony:

  • you immediately receive your marriage certificate in 5 languages – English, Danish, German, French and Spanish.
  • we can also arrange for an apostille from the Danish Foreign Ministry or full legalisation through the appropriate embassy if needed.

Document security. We take it seriously, and so should you. You are trusting us with some of your most important documents. So we ask you to send documents using a secure Dropbox link, which we will forward to you – it is easy to use and safer than email. We believe we comply with the requirements of GDPR and we do not hold or share any of your details or documents other than for the direct requirements of the marriage. We delete and destroy details as soon as is practicable after the wedding. Any details we do have are held on GDPR compliant systems (E-conomic, Dropbox, Personal Vault)

Contact us at, but do not send documents yet until we have advised you on which ones are needed, and how to send them

Postal address: Danish Island Weddings,  Torvet 5, DK-5970 Ærøskøbing, Denmark

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