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Danish Island Weddings, Torvet 5, 5970 Ærøskøbing, Denmark

Tel: 0045 + 25566442


Call us on Skype: danish-island-weddings

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  • We have found the best way for couples to pay is through TransferWise. It is much cheaper and gives better exchange rates than regular transfers. Throguh TransferWise we now have bank accounts in USA, UK, Germany and Australia, so from those countries you can make a local transfer with minimum fees. More accounts to follow soon. We will send the details you need with your invoice, or please ask us.
  • Second best is a regular IBAN international transfer in kroner to our Danish account, or € to our German account.
  • You can also pay with a credit card on arrival on Ærø the day before the wedding. If you want to pay cash (€ or kroner) then please be aware that €500 notes are not accepted in Denmark.
  • Last resort – we also take payments through PayPal but do charge extra as their fees are eye-watering.