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Wall Street Journal

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Sep 11 2015

Why Get Married in Las Vegas When You Can Do It in Denmark?

By Neetha Mahadevan
Updated Sept. 11, 2015 10:13 a.m. ET

The Danish island of Aero doesn’t look like Las Vegas. There are no all-night casinos, Elvis impersonators or fake volcanos. The closest Aero comes to glitz is a museum displaying 1,700 ships in bottles, open daily from 10 to 5.  But Aero is a magnet for people looking to get hitched quickly. The Baltic island has built a small industry thanks to Denmark’s hassle-free marriage laws.

(…) The island of about 7,000 residents registered 2,460 weddings last year. Only 60 involved Danes. Aero and southern Danish towns are particularly alluring to engaged couples in Germany, which demands layers of documentation to tie the knot. Call it a marriage of convenience: Danes are applying German-style efficiency to a field not generally considered Germany’s strength—romance.

“We don’t like to see the course of true love stopped by endless bureaucracy,” says Louise Moloney, a wedding planner in Aero.


…… Ms. Moloney runs Danish Island Weddings. Her agency has planned ceremonies for non-Danes including parents-to-be, expats leaving for the Middle East and a couple that risked not marrying in time for their wedding reception. She recently planned a wedding for a gay couple from Malaysia. Denmark legalized same-sex marriage in 2012.

For couples with time to spare, Ms. Moloney offers a “fairy tale wedding” with ceremony venues including a lighthouse, a beach, ship or plane. Ms. Moloney can arrange a photographer, hair and makeup stylists, the cake and flowers. Friends and relatives can watch live on Skype.


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