25 May 2016 TransferWise asked Danish Island Weddings to be the feature of their blog – the link is here

Fairytale Weddings in Denmark

This edition of #WiseStories tells the story of Louise Badino Moloney,
a wedding planner on the beautiful Danish island of Ærø

Couples come from all over the world to marry on “bryllups-øen” – Wedding Island, as the Danish media have dubbed it.

Since Louise started Danish Island Weddings in 2008, the number of international weddings on the island has
ballooned from 200 to over 3000 each year. International couples come to Ærø for two reasons:

1) Denmark has the simplest bureaucratic requirements in Europe.

2) The island is breathtakingly beautiful. The historic town of Ærøskøbing provides the perfect backdrop
for a romantic wedding – it is filled with timbered houses and cobbled streets,
like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

Plus, there are spectacular views out to sea and the surrounding islands.


Louise’s family-run business (including her sisters and husband) is all about making the wedding romantic and stress-free for the couples.

But, as with any wedding, occasionally the unexpected can happen:

“A German/US couple had just finished their ceremony and were enjoying champagne with their guests.  I went to get the wedding cake in the kitchen. What I found was no cake…but a very happy Labrador covered in icing, and a horrible sticky mess on the floor.  Luckily the couple saw the funny side to this situation”.

Weddings across borders
Having hosted couples from 150+ different nationalities, Louise has experienced the frustration of international payments. For years, Louise was outraged and felt helpless paying the high fees and exchange rates charged by banks. But that all changed when customer suggested TransferWise to her last year.

In addition to the savings, which Louise estimates at more than £950, TransferWise’s Request Money feature has also reduced the business’ accounting burden. Couples can now pay the exact amount regardless of where they are from (instead of trying to guess how much to allow for fees).

Danish Island Weddings is all about trust – couples arrive on Ærø from all over the world and trust Louise and her team in planning the most important day of their lives. Now with TransferWise, they also won’t be charged an arm and a leg for their big day.


Need inspiration for your own destination wedding on Ærø?

Check out Danish Island Weddings’ website and Instagram for more gorgeous photos of the weddings they’ve hosted.