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We offer the best service in Denmark for international couples who want to get married on Aeroe. We can help whether you want a simple quick wedding without guests or fuss, or something amazing and stylish with lots of guests, or something in-between!

Read more about our team or email Louise and Yuki on Ærø, or Anna in USA, at info@getmarriedindenmark.com

Danish Island Weddings - Married couples

Why get married in Denmark with Danish Island Weddings?

  • Danish Island Weddings is the best-rated wedding agency in Denmark (TrustPilot 5 star)
  • Danish Island Weddings is the only agency with an office right here on Aeroe with its own hairdressers, beautician, bouquet-makers and private wedding room
  • Our home island of Aeroe is the most romantic location in Denmark – and we have exclusive use of the most beautiful locations
  • We can organise weddings for eloping couples or big parties, as simple or elaborate as you wish. If you have big plans see our other website https://www.danishislandweddings.com/
  • Our prices are clear and upfront, and include all taxes and fees – we don’t do hidden “add-ons”
  • We are also the leading experts on unusual or difficult documentation – with experience from over 2700 weddings and 177 different nationalities.
  • Denmark is the easiest place in Europe to get married – and Aeroe is the most charming
  • Please see our film, (below) and follow our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages to view the latest weddings gallery from Denmark.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ or email us at info@getmarriedindenmark.com


The Danish Island Weddings film

Latest News – Update 1st August 2020

  • Weddings are in full swing again! – we are now well into “post-covid” weddings and it is all going well. The Danish covid travel guidance is revised on Thursdays; from today Romania is removed from the list of approved countries whose residents who can come here, but Portugal is now OK. Denmark was already open to  Australian, Canadian, Georgian, Japanese, NZ, S Korean, Thai, Tunisian and Uruguayan residents, plus EU-based couples (plus UK, Norwegian and Swiss residents) who can now come and get married – but not Luxembourgeois, Bulgarian or Romanian residents, and for Sweden it depends where you live. They have kept the 6 night rule for all visitors.
  • To keep an eye on the situation for your country see the Danish Police website (in English).
  • Ferries are free, or very cheap, during August and September. This is part of the government’s stimulus package. But you must book online (or by phone), and ideally check the website https://aeroe-ferry.dk/en/ before you travel. Face masks are now recommended on public transport and may soon be made compulsory on the ferry so come prepared.
  • Some light relief – a lovely article about Ærø, Louise and DIW appeared in the upmarket travel online magazine Suitcase. It’s also on our Blog (on our other website).
  • Having difficulty marrying as an international couple? While we all currently have more time for more reading than we really wanted, you might be interested in our thoughts on “International Marriage and Human Rights” in our Blog on our other website.

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